Pepsi Max, Blackpool Pleasure beach

The rain had only just stopped as we left the car and made our way towards Blackpool Pleasure beach. The main gate looked inviting, but it was not the point of access for that night. A few minutes later, and thanks to the detailed park's children map downloaded to the phone, we reached the first rollercoaster. Some of the rides were still plugged in, spreading noises through the dark grounds. 

© Millhouse

Luckily there were no queues for the Pepsi ride that night. Climbing across the queue barriers we quickly made our way onto the stairs and started the ascend. 
As we gained height the wind picked up and whistled through the steel structure. The stairs seemed to carry on forever, but we had to escape from the view of passers by before we could enjoy the view. 

As we reached the 65m peak the aircraft warning beacons lid our faces red - we all had big grins on our faces.

When it opened on May 28, 1994, the (Pepsi Max) Big One roller coaster was the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster of any park in the world. The ride lost its height records in 1996, though it remained the fastest roller coaster in Europe until 2001.

The first accident happened only a week after the opening of the ride, in July 1994. Twenty-six people were injured when the computer system failed to completely stop a train returning to the station.

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