Gateway climb

A few weeks ago, on the way back from castle mill, oldham, we stopped by at this structure after wondering what it was from the bus.

Metro link is in the process of building a new line between manchester and oldham. The station above is one of the new stops build especially for this line, situated in a newly created business park.

When i first saw it that day, it was clear to me what had to be done.

I wonder whether anyone has ever climbed this?
So last night i got a ring of yaz and scott whether I wanted to go out for a quick climb. we got our stuff together, did some 5 minute planning and went up.

Credit for all the pics goes to Yaz.
Thanks for letting me post them up.

Yaz and me near the top

Scott flying up the wire

What an awesome way of spending a saturday night, shouts to scott and yaz for planning this adventure!

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