Ramada and Britannia hotel rooftops

Monday. Just come back from an awesome weekend, without any rooftops, so it was quickly decided what to do that night.

I met up with nckt, Jim Gillette, Dan Helsing and babystrangeways ontop of Ramada hotel. I had never actually been up it, after hearing a lot of stories of arrests and myself being stopped once as well.

Nckt roopftopping your hotels


I must say its an amazing view up there, and different to most of the others.

Piccadilly Gardens



Britannia hotel is just across the road from ramada and none of us knew of any succesful ascent to its rooftop.
The building used to be a warehouse back in the times. It was loevely inside and access was found fairly quickly. It is not the best rooftop, but it was new!




On top




  1. hey guys, really impressed with your roof top pictures of the ramada hotel, but are you aware ofthe underground space down there. it goes down 3 storys into a dark and strange world or pipes and very long tunnels. also a rumer that there is a deep underground fall out bunker aprox, 300 ft below the tower but as i said it is only a rumer. best wishes dirtyneck .

  2. the bunker is underneath market street and inaccessible. BT is using it for all their optical fibre cables for the north, so quite high security there.
    but never heard of that underground basement under ramada, u got any more informations?