First attempts at RAW and HDR editing

 No HDR, but edited RAW file
HDR, high dynamic range images, have always fascinated me. Many people don't like them, including me in the beginning. This is because most examples you will see on forums or peoples websites are, in my opinion, just to unrealistic. They look more like a painting than a photo, and don't, in any way, represent what the original scenery which was photographed, looked like.

A few weeks ago I saw a number of very nice rooftop pics which fascinated me in every way: the colour, the range, it just looked awesome. I asked how they did it and it turned out they were hdr pictures.

 My first HDR: Rheinkniebrücke, Düsseldorf, Germany

HDR for me had always been this negative way of editing pictures in my mind, but it slowly changed.
So yesterday I decided to give it a go myself. I must say, I do like the results. I know they aren't perfect, and I assume that many will not like them because they are HDR, but I'm fairly happy with my first attempts.

HDR: Düsseldorf's "Skyline"


  1. Awesome...what Program are you using? And which cam? still the same you had when @lrgs?