Supercharger B, revisited

It has been a long time since the last post. Turns out that uni does sometimes actually mean that you to have do some work. I guess thats just life, eh?

So today I present to you Supercharger B, which is downstream of Supercharger A. Its a fairly long culvert of the Gore Brook. The big arched outfall gives space to a huge bricked section. From there it changes into a round bricked pipe running a couple of hundred meters to a sewage intersection coupled with a processing chamber.

This was actually the second drain I had ever visited back when I went down with Ojay. This is now more than half a year ago. Apart from a shopping trolley that is now gone and a new printer at the outfall, not much has changed inside.
As you approach the infall, a small waterfall is the last feature before changing into a concrete box section for the last 5 meters.


  1. Sweet shots there, seems like an age since we were down there, goodtimes :)