Abseils and fire escapes

This was one of these night were you just walk around, or in this case actually cycle around, and just try whatever looks like it could result in a nice view. 

We met at Gones place and quickly arrived at riverside building, a concrete shell. Until about a year ago a crane stood in the center, but it had to be taken down due to some safety reasons i think. On my last visit to this place a collapsed brick wall was the easiest access. Now a new fence secures the site, and it must do a good job considering I managed to slip when climbing it, poking my leg on the spikey top.
The aim was to get gone to have a go at abseiling down the side of the building. We walked past the bedroom of two homeless drug addicts (luckily they weren't in), set up the rope and off he went.

After this we had a look for some new rooftops, but apart from a fire ladder we weren't very successful.

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