Stubbs Mill, Ancoats, Mcr

Stubbs Mill is located in the Ancoats area of Manchester next to Ashton Canal and the Ancoats Hospital.
The area is full of mills, probably due to the canal flowing through it. Stubbs mill was initially used for making and assembling equipment for the cotton industry in Manchester.
Later a variety of smaller companies where housed in the building. It was abandoned in the 90s and has been left empty since then.
In 2003 Urban Splash bought the property as part of their re-development plan for this area, including the newly build Chips apartment.


This is what Urban Splash write about the development on their website:

"Stubbs Mill is a small but beautiful building next to the Ashton Canal in New Islington. We are working with Ben Kelly to refurbish the existing building and create unique residential “shell” spaces so that people can design their own loft apartment. We're also making space for a mix of offices and retail uses plus a new bar/restaurant space."

The development seems to have stopped for quite a while now. Most of the inside is open to the elements due to open roofs and smashed windows, which has resulted in the wodden floors bending up.

Access to the top floors was rather fun as we couldn't find the stairs and consequently had to climb a falling apart brick wall whilst an old pedestrian was watching us with his dog.

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