Sheffield I, Cannon Brewery

It's a few weeks ago now that I got a call of Gone asking whether I wanted to come to Sheffield with him to pick up a bike won on ebay and also have a look at a few places.
So the next Saturday, Gone, NickUK, Matt and me were sitting on the train. The weather could probably not have been any worse but this was not to stop us from having a good day. The bike was picked up and an hour later we were on our way to the first location, the Cannon Brewery.

Brewing here first started in the 1860s. In the early 1940s they produced a new, light coloured bitter beer which went on sale throughout its estate. It was simply called "Stones Bitter".
The Cannon Brewery and its tied estate of some 310+ pubs and off licences, which stretched throughout South Yorkshire and surrounding counties, was bought in 1968. Brewing continued until 1999 when it closed. 

Once we had squeezed our way back out of the brewery we headed for Stanley tools, an old knife factory dating back from the industrial revolution. However, due to an airsoft game inside, and the owner outside the building we had to put it back on the list for the next visit to Sheffield.
Thanks to Gone's amazing skills of directing us through the industrial areas of Sheffield we quickly arrived on the other side of town, infront of the Firth Brown Medical Centre, or more accurately a wall, hiding the before mentioned centre.

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