Medlock Culvert, Manchester

Drains often accumulate a range of random objects over time which you wouldn't expect to find down there. Over the small span of time I've been draining I got to see computer screens, printers, shopping trolleys, bikes, dolls ... this list could go on forever.
Medlock culvert is host to one of the creepier finds; a gravestone.

The gravestone was discovered by Gone and Rookie about half a year ago when they mistook it for a washed down manhole.
It is told that a few decades ago a big rainfall made the banks collapse into the river. Now, the infall to Medlock culvert is at the end of a cemetery. So it wasn't just soil that was washed down into the river, but also bodies and this gravestone, which dates back to 1917 and reminds of the death of a 5 year old Jewish boy. RIP

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