Cranes, Industry and Metro

With no clear plans for the night, the five of us met once again at Gone's place and headed towards salford. Nick had seen a crane a while ago, and so we decided to have a look at it. 

As the crane was completely illuminated and a security cabin was just opposite it, we opted for the roof of the concrete shell instead and discussed the further plans whilst enjoying a non-existent view. 
By now we had agreed that the security cabin was most likely un-manned, so on our way down we might have been quite noisy. Just as we got off the scaffold, a door of the cabin opened and an angry man came running towards us shouting some stuff about trespassing.

A quick escape off the site, running and falling down a slope covered in spikey bushes and we found ourselves in an industrial estate.
I had never set a foot on a live plant before, but after a few failed attempts around the perimeter and a lot of encouragement from the other four, I was finding myself climbing up a ladder of a live chemical factory. 
Thanks to the ever increasing automation in industrial plants, we did not see a single worker whilst running up the various staircases and corridors. 

We proceeded past numerous warning signs and even a chemical shower to arrive on one of the roofs, from where we had a view over the whole site and also some time to relax. The fumes, coming from all sorts of valves around us, however, were not very pleasant so we quickly moved on.

The night was rounded off with a quick run into the local metro tunnel whilst finishing off some quality McDonalds food.  

© Gone

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