Opal 3 and Candle House Rooftops, Leeds

 After the struggles of High Royds we went to Leeds for some rooftops. First on the list was Opal 3, a large student hall tower. It was fresher week, so we headed into the building as everyone else was on their way to getting pissed. 
After 20 minutes or so, security interrupted the silence by shouting at us through the roof vent. Whilst I'm not a big fan of Health and Safety, it prevented him from joining us outside. Some minutes later he gave up and we could make our way out of the building by mingling with some students.

Candle House is a more relaxed roof, as access is granted to its residents. Fully equipped with sheds, plants and hammocks, we enjoyed the view and watched the police chopper lightening up the local housing estate.

© Millhouse


  1. Wow! What a relaxing view of the city! I would love to stay in a place like this and just enjoy the cold evening breeze as I have a little chat with my friends over a cup of coffee. Is this a private-owned residence or a hotel?

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