Document the long forgotten!

During the last few weeks the annual exploring politics have once again sparked some heated discussions within the community. It made me questions my motives for leaving my comfy sofa night after night just to sneak around cold, long forgotten, other times well known places.

Why do we do it? Is it because we want to capture and document the decay of historic landmarks, is it because we are curious about what lies beneath and around us, or are the newspapers right by saying we are simple "thrill seekers", on a trip for the ultimate adrenaline rush?

5* Hotel
Speaking for myself I have to admit that I'm not too bothered about the documenting bit. Yes, it is important that our presence is documented for future generations. Let's be honest though, in 10 years time no one will care about a lonely chair inside an asylum, covered by spiderwebs stretching towards the dusty floor and lighted by a single early morning sun ray. 

Curiosity on the other hand definitely plays an important part and is the reason why I first got into it. Tell someone about "secret hidden networks" beneath your city, and I can promise you that you have gained their attention.
In your early years on this planet, curiosity is promoted by teachers and parents, it is seen as vital part in your personal development. But as you grow up and enter into the "serious" life, curiosity if too often neglected and seen as a waste of time. Why peek your head over a fence, climb down a manhole or look at the skyline from a new rooftop when it won't help with your daily business of work eat sleep.

The answer to this is very simple: It's fun!

Which brings me to my best explanation of motives for getting out there. It's all about having a laugh with your mates. Whether it's a film premier beneath London bridge or a 50m long abseil down a long forgotten ventilation shaft. Whether it's in a group of 15 on a mission to show Southerners around Manchester's finest rooftops, a group of 10 hitting a 4 year long "sealed" location, or two of you sneaking around a scaffold for hours, only to fail once again and having to retreat.

They all make memorable nights.

Pic by Bigjobs

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