Optimus Prime, Mcr

I had known that this was the largest drain in manchester, but actually standing inside it really shows you how high it is. 
Optimus Prime was built at around 1900 to allow the river Irk to pass underneath Victoria Station. There are a few nice features such as a cattle bidge, a coal and morgue chute and also a few overflow pipes with rather nice designs.

Access to this was amusing as the water is very deep at the inlet and the shopping trolley, which could be used as a step, was gone. Gone and Jimmy went first by traversing the wall. Getting impatient as the minutes passed and people looked down at us, I decided to just try and see how deep the water actually was. Looking back I should have waited the extra minute. 

Gone on his way out

The water stopped just a cm of the top of my waist waders, but I quickly found out that I had a leak in them from all the previsous climbing I had done in them.
Wet trousers and socks were definetly worth it though and a good starter for an awesome night. 
Shouts to Gone and Jimmy for showing me this.

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