Bunker drain and more

Four months have passed since NickUk and myself set off to Warrington to pay this huge drain system a long awaited visit. After some difficulties of locating it, and my first access through a manhole, we were faced with the choice of either walking to our right upstream, or the left downstream.

I had seen many pictures posted online by other people, so I knew exactly what features were awaiting us, with the plughole being my personal highlight. Unfortunately, neither of  us had ever been down there and also didnt know the exact layout of the system.

We decided to walk downstream and soon found ourselves in a huge room, which could be compared to an outdoor venue seating area. The second inflow to this room was connected to an overflow of a river, so once we crawled back from there, we decided to walk further downstream. After what felt to us like hours of walking in a round concrete pipe with nothing to look at other than a large amount of frogs, we decided to turn around and try our luck at finding the plughole further upstream. 

On the way upstream we passed our left behind gear, and soon arrived in a few smaller rooms as pictured above. Walking from there onwards, the air became dryer and dryer, which to us suggested that a plughole could not follow anytime soon and our inital turn around had been a mistake. 

Not wanting to walk back the whole distance again, we decided to surface ,and check out another drain with Gone and also have a look around some old planes on an old airstrip, which has been converted into a hotel, with plane enthusiasts working on the slowly rusting machines. It was then, that we were told that we had missed the plughole by only a few minutes of walking. Maybe next time...

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