Kalkwerk Dornap (Limestone quarry)

Walking along the conveyor belts, it seemed like the plant was only shut down for the weekend. Control lamps were still flashing, monitors were switched on, there was no graffiti nor any sign of copper thieves and the time tracker next to the door was still welcoming the absent workers.

When posting a report on any of the UK forums, it is common procedure to name the location by its full name. And whilst the exact location is not fully revealed, it is normal to name the nearest city.
On mainland Europe this is the complete opposite. Visit any German forum for example, and you will see places posted by the names of Mine XXL or House L. 

The most common argument for this kind of "secrecy" is the protection of the locations from vandals. Whilst it is true that this system makes it harder to find a place by just googling it, I prefer the more relaxed approach and don't believe it actually reduces the amount of vandalism significantly.

Kalkwerk Dornap is one of a number of quarries in the area. It has produced limestone for further refinement and road construction for more than 100 years and was abandoned in 2009. 
The company has set up a scheme to enable an affordable production of limestone for the next 25 years, which includes the demolition of the existing plants and the construction of a more modern, cleaner and efficient factory. For this reason, the conveyor belts have run for their last time and now only collect dust. The demolition will follow soon and will make space for further quarrying of limestone underneath the existing foundations.


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