Durham Roadtrip: Ushaw college, Durham Baths and Steetley Magnesite

Sunday, 6am at the bus stop in Piccadilly Gardens. Stood between people on their way to work and others still drunk from the night before, Gone and myself are waiting for the bus to Nick's. First on the list was Ushaw college, a Roman Catholic seminary built in the 1800's, which is partly abandoned, with the still active buildings to be closed soon. Access took us some minutes, but was fun never the less.

Back out and safe, we made our way to Durham City centre for the old Baths. We followed in some local kids, took a few snaps and were soon back on the road.

The final destination was Steetley Magnesite in Hartlepool, where magnesia used to be extracted from sea water. The first pilote plant was built in 1937, but was soon expanded to produce 10,000 tones of magnesia per year with the first of its kind settling tank. The plant was closed during the recession in 2003 and partially demolished. This was the first time I used by USSR Zenit E 35mm film camera:

The bottom ladders in the chimney had only recently been taken off, most likely as a result of too many people climbing it. As we didnt have any rope gear with us we had to stay on the ground. A trip back will most likely happen soon though.


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