St.Michaels college, Leeds

Met up with NickUk and fishbrain last weekend to have a look at some places in Leeds. First up was St. Michaels college. It got closed some point around 2005 and was open for more than 100 years.  Located next to a police station we had to wait for one of their cars to drive off before we could jump the fence.

 A walk around the building revealed a number of tents and other temporary residents of homeless. Nick's attempt at extracting access info from them failed, meaning we had to find our own way in. A lot of vandal paint later we were finally in. The place is still in a good nick, with some random objects around.


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  1. it's so strange seeing these photos....I went to school here beginning in 1999 finished in 2004 which is when the school closed. Looking at these pictures makes me realize how old the school really was, we used to joke that the place was a prison because of the tiny windows on the upper floors with the bars on...the place looks really creepy now..